Tempe Biz HUUB is Closed.

For the last year, HUUB and the City of Tempe have partnered to bring you Tempe HUUB, a centralized-entrepreneur resource platform that brings hundreds of grants, training and funding to more than 200 Tempe small businesses.


We know this journey of entrepreneurship is a challenging one to navigate on your own and while Tempe Biz HUUB will no longer be available, we hope you continue to take advantage of our free live training sessions from HUUB, available to any entrepreneur or small business owner. You can find these sessions by following us here:





If you have any further questions or would like to find out what other programs are available for small businesses in Tempe please contact the City of Tempe’s Economic Development Department via the following link:




It has been a wonderful year supporting small businesses in Tempe and we look forward to your continued success.